23/F NSFW BLOG. I am a submissive and am happily with a dom. Most of this blog has my personal pics: Petplay, tailplugs, princess plugs, dd/lg and creampies.

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Hello, everyone. Smokey here. I have been discussing with the other lovely ladies of Petite Pets about ways to improve and expand out little community. Lucretia had the wonderful idea of having themed submissions each week. At the start of the week a theme will be picked. Of course these…

Foxy here : by the way i am going to try to reblog most, if not all, of these submissions to my blog (47k followers) so do consider submitting! I think this can be a lot of fun!!

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Crap my friend and I can’t figure out the right balance between cute and sexy and we’re going over tomorrow… maybe i should just dress up as Waluigi and win best cosplay by default.


Name: Foxy
Species: Fox
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Ownership Status: Owned and collared
Likes: Tails, awesome tumblr followers, my Master, Petplay
Dislikes: Judgmental people.  
About Me: College student.  This Pet is a half-Asian, half-white breed.  New to the world of Petplay but trying out my fantasies and kinks with my wonderful Master.
Main Blog:


And last gif till next time….which no idea when that will be but we shall see. Hope you all enjoyed what little I posted….