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Hey Foxy I thought of a great idea for you and your blog. Maybe to reward your followers that are supporting you a lot maybe create a private side blog and post the new stuff you have on there? Give the password to us that are reblogging all of your stuff. I know a lot of camgirls have passworded blogs and they give access to people that donate money.

A question by patchouliskull

Hm that’s actually not a bad idea… though I wouldn’t ask people to pay money for access.  I’ll have to think about that one.

So as I was saying in my earlier post, another dd/lg couple came over tonight to observe me and Daddy (post HERE).  I told them that writing cute and/or naughty things on the little’s body can be really great so I let both of them write on me hehe.  At first Daddy and I showed them how we played, then we had really cute intimate sex, then it got rather naughty, and then aftercare hehe.  I think they learned quite a lot and they seemed quite excited and horny as they left.  I actually let her take the yellow panties in that pic with her because she really wanted to wear it for her Daddy. 



Eeep a very new dd/lg couple is supposed to come over today and observe me and Daddy play and have sex.  I love it when large groups at our events watch us but having a single couple observe us in our own bedroom is really exciting too hehe.  I’m like super nervous now and don’t even know what to wear or what toys to use =P

It went really well!  They just left here looking very excited and very, very horny lol.  Apparently they’ve seen plenty of the sexual side of dd/lg but never really the aftercare or play aspects of dd/lg and that’s kind of what they were missing.  I might post a teaser set tonight or tomorrow if I find the time… for now I need to wash up =P


pics for my master.~ wanted to show him my new lace, vintage bra I got for super cheap.

Love that bra!!!


A collar submission to Petitepets for our themed submission weekend!!  My collar matches my french maid lingerie really well hehe =)  

I almost always avoid posting negativity on my blog but I do feel that I need to address this. In the past few weeks, a large number of followers (including some bloggers that have followed me for 6+ months) have been DEMANDING that I do a custom fansign or submission to their blog because they saw that I have done submissions for some other blogs. In the many months that my blog has been around, I’ve given submissions to less than 10 blogs and I’ve done custom fansigns for about 6 blogs. Each blog that’s received a submission from me has consistently liked/reblogged 90% or more of my content (in some cases 100% of my content). To thank these bloggers for being tremendously supportive, I try to do something special for these people when my bf and I have time to take pictures (which is not often).

Unlike other popular blogs that have roughly the same number of followers as mine, my selfies are actually very unpopular and on average, my pics get less than 1/4th the number of notes that these other bloggers get. It’s really quite embarrassing and I’m often accused of participating in some sort of follower scam to inflate my follower count. That’s why I feel very grateful to those bloggers that are regularly checking my blog and liking/reblogging my subpar content and the very least I can do for these bloggers is to give them a special submission.

I have never asked for money or donations on my blog and considering the sheer volume of messages that we get on a daily basis, I think we do a great job at responding to most messages. Everything you see on my blog is free and I don’t ask anyone to give me anything for what I post. To DEMAND that I do a custom fansign or submission simply because you hit a follow button six months ago and then forgot about my blog is rather stupid.

Sorry about having to post this little rant but the entitlement that some of these people have is really appalling.